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Robel Films operates primarily as a four-person production company, working with a rolodex of expert creatives and friends on a freelance basis, offering a full wheelhouse of creative video services and film productions.

We work with flexible and varying budgets while maintaining the spirit of our DIY ethos. We work hard, create good work and always chase strong characters.



Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer, Co-Founder

A midwestern transplant living in New York City, Ryan began studying as an actor before making the transition into notable director of largely independent films, editorial documentaries and short form web content like 'The Really Cool Show (an early youtube web series with over 20 million views). Additionally, he is an award winning cinematographer, having shot as many films for other people, as he's directed on his own.
He's married to actress Dee Herlihy, whom he met while studying at an acting conservatory. His work is recognized for it's authenticity and beautiful, organic cinematography. His feature films are largely improvised, though highly structured in the edit. In between films, he makes sexy food videos, for commercial clients. Ryan is the co-founder of Robel Films, an NYC based independent film production company. Their motto has always been "quit making your masterpiece and start making your movie".

Film & Commercial Reel



Actress, Filmmaker, Photographer, Producer, Co-Founder
Dee is an accomplished film actor, as well as an active film director, producer and casting director. As the co-founder of Robel Films, she has had her creative hand in countless film and commercial productions of all sizes. She also owns the business PunkPop, which specializes in photography and Gif photo booth style photography sessions for parties and events.



Filmmaker, Editor,  Special Effects
Our resident pitch man and editor. Alec cut his teeth editing short pieces for BET News for a handful of years. He has spent the last two years working as a freelance commercial editor, primarily crafting food spots for tons of brands! Creating work that is both yummy and consumable, and most importantly, shareable. 

Film & Commercial Reel



Art Director, Visual Designer, Producer, Writer
An experienced high-level creative director with over 15 years of agency experience, Eric has directed or designed branding for every type of media placement you can think of. He has created for names such as Dekuyper Liquors, Hasbro, the Indianapolis Colts, Vogue Magazine, Heineken, and the Indianapolis board of tourism where he designed the logo for the city of Indianapolis.

Gallery of Art Direction & Design