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Directed by Ryan Balas, 2016, USA, 76 minutes.

Written by Mark Robert Ryan + Ryan Balas

Produced by Deirdre Herlihy + Eric Stine

Three women living together during a war time crisis, defy standard gender roles to try and form a nuclear family, with mixed results. 
Ingrid has been living alone in the woods, while her husband is away fighting the war. After receiving disheartening letters, Ingrid's tom boy sister-in-law Irene, comes to stay with her. Tensions rise, when Mary, the naive neighbor woman, loses her husband and moves in. Ingrid's already shattered world becomes even more distorted.

Starring: Deirdre Herlihy, Melissa Navia, Mirjam Egeris Karstoft, Ben Scott-Brandt, Mark Robert Ryan

Production Status: Premiered March 17th 2017


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