Robel Films
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Directed, Shot and Edited by Alec Balas

Two pot heads living through a tumultuous time in their life, decide to quit there jobs and start selling drugs to make a living. In this desperate and stoned adventure Alec (Alec Balas) and Chris (Chris Smith) must find out what it takes to survive. All the while testing their friendship to see, if through all these misadventures, they remain best buds. Pun intended.

Starring: Alec Balas, Chris Smith, Madi Rhoades, Kevin Wehby, Taylor Peterson, and Craig & Susan Balas.

Produced by Alec Balas and Ryan Balas
Music by Kevin Macleod, Sean Balas, Justin Jones


Premiered on Vimeo.

Released in 2014 by Robel Films/Great Underground Films